100+ Reversible Sewing Projects: A Fun Way to Save Time and Money

Reversible Sewing Projects

Do you like to save time and money?

Well, I do.  When I was growing up, I was always taught to make the most of every opportunity and to save time and money whenever I could.  This has served me and my family pretty well over the years.

I've always had the view that when I was going to sew something, why not take that little extra step to use a fashion fabric for the liner and to finish the linings well so I could make something, whether a bag or a garment, reversible.  That way I could have two fashions for pretty much the same time and money it takes to make one –so saving heaps of time and money.

Here's a huge list of reversible sewing projects and patterns that I hope you'll find fun and worthwhile to make.  You'll have fun while saving time and money.

You'll surely love this Reversible Bali Skirt from So Sew Easy.

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