100+ Ways to Upcycle and Recycle Old T-Shirts

Recycle Old T-Shirts

100+ Ways to Upcycle and Recycle Old T-Shirts

Did you know that well over 2 billion new t-shirts are made each and every year?

I don't know about you, but between my closet, my husbands, and our two teenage kids, our house is awash in old t-shirts.  I thought our first article had some pretty good ideas but feedback from our readers told us that they still want more ideas on how to upcycle, re-use, re-purpose and ultimately recycle old t-shirts.

So I decided to put together the ultimate list of t-shirt upcycle and recycle ideas.  And as usual, I'd like to share that list with you.  I really hope you enjoy it and find some good ideas!

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