11+ Easy Tank Top Sewing Patterns For Women

Easy Tank Top Sewing Patterns

11+ Easy Tank Top Sewing Patterns For Women

The tank top, also known as a sleeveless shirt or a muscle shirt, is a type of garment that has become a popular clothing item in many parts of the world. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn as a standalone top or as an undergarment. The tank top is defined by its sleeveless design, which allows for a greater range of movement and comfort, particularly in warm weather.

We've put together a list of easy tank top patterns for you. Despite the tank top being quite a simple garment, there are a surprisingly many ways to make yours unique. Different necklines, textile patterns, and fittings can greatly change the look and feel.

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Chris Pastrich
Chris Pastrich

i’ve been looking for a site like this ! I haven’t sewn anything for YEARS! And I’m hoping to renew that “passion”.

Last edited by Chris Pastrich

Do you have a pattern for pony tail Scrub cap.