3/4 Sleeve Summer Blouse Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Summer Blouse Free Sewing Pattern

3/4 Sleeve Summer Blouse Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This is the 3/4 sleeve summer blouse project, designed to take only two hours to complete. This blouse features a rounded neckline, and an easy to close back with a loop and a button.

It is lower at the back than the front for those who love the “Parisian tuck” but prefer something more elegant.

With elastic at the waist so you can show your waistline or make the illusion of having one.

I recommend you to wear this 3/4 sleeve summer blouse with dressy shorts, a pencil skirt, or cigarette summer pants.


  • 2 to 2 1/2 yards of woven or knitted fabric
  • Elastic thread
  • Thread to match
  • 1/4″ elastic 22″ to 28″ depending on the measurement of your forearm (above the elbow)
  • Bias tape 1/2″ (buy or make your own)


  • Sewing machine
  • Serger
  • An extra bobbin with elastic thread
  • Sewing Needle size 70 or 80.
  • Tailor's chalk or erasable fabric marking pen

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the link of 3/4 sleeve summer blouse isn’t working