How to Add a Removable Lined Pouch to any Bag

add a removable lined pouch to any bag

I'd like to show you a tutorial on how to make a removable lined pouch to add to any bag.  This is an especially useful little addition when your bag doesn't have enough pockets.

This tutorial is also part of the Morgan Bucket Bag.


  • 6″ metal zipper For a better-looking pouch) but nylon is fine
  • Two rectangles 8″ X 6″ on upholstery fabric
  • Two rectangles 8″ X 6″ on lining
  • Two smaller rectangles 2″ X 1″ on lining.  Make these wider if your zipper is wider
  • Polyester Thread for sewing canvas
  • Chain with lobster claw.

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial

Take a look at this Small Canvas Tote Bag, too!



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