Baby Nest FREE Pattern and Tutorial

Baby Nest

Baby nests have become very popular nowadays and pretty much all parents either buy one or make one themselves. It’s a fun and easy project that everyone can make! This baby nest is suitable for a baby 0-4 months old.

Get the FREE pattern and tutorial HERE.

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4 Responses to Baby Nest FREE Pattern and Tutorial

  1. carmen rivera says:

    baby nest free pattern

  2. Wendy Bradley says:

    What is the measurement 1,5 mean? It’s in red.

    • Katie McGarry says:

      In Europe, commas in measurements are used the way we use decimals, so 1,5 is the equivalent of 1.5, I hope that helps!

  3. Theresia Brouns says:

    I have no more babies at home, but my cat would love the nest. 🙂

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