Barbara Dress pattern

Barbara Dress pattern

If you want to achieve a 50's inspired dress with a modern touch, the Barbara dress pattern will help you do just that.

Barbara dress pattern features a practical and easy to wear dress that is also feminine and with a great flow. Highlight the beauty of the fabric by simple lines and a great flow. This dress will be your favorite this month!

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3 Responses to Barbara Dress pattern

  1. Karen says:

    THis rests I s great. I’m downloading it now. THANKS

  2. simmonst2m says:

    I really find this to be an attractive dress and something I would love to make … however, I am a plus sized woman and am embarassed by the extra rolls that would be visible from the back by the shoulder/arm area, so I am passing on this dress but look forward to future patterns for us “well endowed” women! Thank you!

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