Car Organizer FREE Tutorial

Car Organizer

The car organizer.  Sneak into your sister's minivan and take a few measurements. Or make one for your husband's car to hold those Manly-Man Necessities like his tape measure and small tool kit. The things you'll need: medium weight fabric, coordinating thread, a sewing machine, a piece of 3/4″ elastic about 30 inches long, and a  car. Keep in mind, to make them, your headrests need to be removable. If yours aren't, you'll have to get creative with the tops.

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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Karen W
Karen W

Perhaps you could make it to hang on the unoccupied back seat (if there is only one occupant in the back seat), so it would be on one side of the back seat, not hanging on the back of the front seats, but from the headrests of the back seats. If both seats are occupied, perhaps make them hang behind the back seats, to the trunk area?


I love this, however, my rear airbags are built into the back of the front seats and I can’t do something like this! Bummer!