Cherry Handles Wide Tote Bag FREE Sewing Pattern

Wide Tote Bag FREE Sewing Pattern

You'll surely love this tote bag! With the free pattern and tutorial, you can make this item for your loved ones! Excited? Get the pattern and tutorial below:

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

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4 Responses to Cherry Handles Wide Tote Bag FREE Sewing Pattern

  1. Toni Miller says:

    I tried it again, and it worked, so please disregard my previous comment. Thanks for the cute [email protected]

  2. Toni Miller says:

    The link for this pattern is not working. It looks like a wonderful bag, and I would love to have the pattern if you could please fix the link. Thanks in advance!

  3. Kathy says:

    This is a pattern for a tote bag. It does not show how to make or attach the Cherry handles – which is what I was looking for.

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