Circle Fanny Pack FREE Sewing Tutorial

Circle Fanny Pack FREE Sewing Tutorial

Circle Fanny Pack FREE Sewing Tutorial

This is a relatively easy project that you can accomplish in a couple of hours. The bag has 6 pattern pieces: 4 circles and 2 rectangle panels that you cut out of your fabric.

What you'll need:

  • Fabric requirements are based on 140 cm (55”) wide fabric.
  • Heavy weight canvas: 25 cm (10”)
  • zipper 18cm (7”) for the front panel
  • zipper 25cm (10”) for the top panel
  • belt/webbing max.120cm length (47”)
  • one snap hook, one D-ring and one slide adjuster, same width as your belt!
  • optional: two stripes of leather approx. 15cm (6”) each (for the zippers)
  • bias tape
  • matching thread and a sewing machine

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This is very cute. I hope to size one such that an inner pocket accommodates a business size envelope. I love my current crossbody bag except it requires the envelope to be smushed on one side. Carrying business papers is important!