Classy Leather Envelope Clutch FREE Pattern

Leather Envelope Clutch

This Leather Envelope Clutch adds a stylish, yet functional touch to any outfit day or night. Sew this classy and sophisticated envelope clutch with a free pattern!

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

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Carol Greer
Carol Greer

Patti click on the blue bar. No download required.

Patti Dee
Patti Dee

I tried to download the Classy Leather Envelope Clutch FREE Pattern that you offered. Then I was directed to a site that tried to FORCE me to download a program I neither wanted or needed in order to obtain the free pattern. Without downloading this program, you were NOT able to access the download file for the free pattern. I do not agree that one should have to add unwanted programs or change their task bars/search engines, etc. to receive an offered gift. I will be un-subscribing to your site for this reason.

Reply to  Patti Dee

Hi Patti, we’re sorry to see you go. I’ve checked out this page a couple of times and everything looks fine to me. Not sure what external program you’re talking about but all digital patterns will pretty much require Adobe Acrobat Reader. That is all that is required. You should have to install anything else and most computers already have this. That being said, we don’t control the end page that you’re looking at. We’re a curation site and try to find the best patterns from all across the internet, so we don’t publish the end pages, just selected links to them. Hope that helps and happy sewing!