DIY Custom Fitted Belly Band Dog Diaper FREE Tutorial

Belly Band Dog Diaper FREE Tutorial

DIY Custom Fitted Belly Band Dog Diaper FREE Tutorial

Belly bands are urinary diapers for male dogs. They wrap the midsection, are adsorbent (either near the privates or all over), and usually have a waterproof/resistant exterior to prevent leakage. Bands are commonly rectangular (straight edges), tapered, or boomerang. They may be a simple snug fit or use elasticized edges near the privates to create a pouch. The best shape and fit depends on the dog who will be wearing the band. Finding (or making) the right size and shape of belly band is essential to ensure it's comfortable for the dog and to reduce the risk of leaking.  

What you'll need:

  • Microfleece/microchamois (wicking stay-dry liner)
  • Bamboo french terry (absorbent inner)
  • Microfibre (thin quick-dry backing to help stabilise the fleece and terry)
  • PUL (inner waterproof layer)
  • Heavy cotton (outer layer)
  • Thin polyester batting (stability and structure)
  • Iron-on interfacing (stability and structure)
  • Polyester thread
  • Butcher's paper (pattern)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine and cutting/sewing supplies

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