DIY Door Mufflers for Baby’s Room

DIY Door Mufflers

Your baby deserves a good quality sleep. Provide her with a quiet environment. Opening and closing the nursery room door might create an undesirable noise. This DIY door mufflers is a good idea and might be the answer to that problem!

What you'll need:

  • Free printable template 
  • 2 Ponytail holders 
  • Cotton fabric, enough for the outer template x 2
  • Felt, enough for the inner template

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One Response to DIY Door Mufflers for Baby’s Room

  1. Tamara Hoss says:

    I’m don’t think this baby room door muffler is a good idea. This prevents the door from closing securely. What if there is a home fire? The door would be a type of protection and with this added I think it would be unsafe as the materials used would catch fire. Also, what if you have a child who wanders in the night? They could potentially push the door open and who know what they could get into. I’ve experienced a wandering child in the night so this is one reason I would not recommend making/using this.

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