DIY Pool Chair Covers FREE Sewing Tutorial

Pool Chair Covers FREE Sewing Tutorial

DIY Pool Chair Covers FREE Sewing Tutorial:

A pool chair cover with clever features at both ends to keep it on the chair, pockets to hold devices, sunscreen and keys, plus a PILLOW!

What you'll need:

  • long beach towel
  • 1 yard total of woven fabric (such as quilting cotton) for the pockets and pillow
  • 1 yard of stretch knit fabric (if it's 48” or wider, there will be enough left over for a second cover)
  • 24” of 1” wide elastic
  • 2 zippers, at least 13” long
  • polyester fiber-fill for the pillow

You might want to add this DIY Poolside Splash-proof Pouches to your next sewing project too.

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