DIY Poolside Splash-Proof Pouches FREE Tutorial

Splash-Proof Pouches free tutorial

 Here are some little vinyl pouches that are perfect for keeping wet stuff out (or in) at the beach or pool! These little zipper cases are not completely waterproof, so they can’t be submerged in the pool or ocean, but they can withstand some pretty good splashing and keep everything inside dry.  They are perfect for keeping your phone or tablet in poolside!

What you'll need:

  • Clear plastic vinyl.
  • Double fold bias tape. You can buy the prepackaged stuff or make your own.  The amount varies based on which size pouch you are making, but 1 yard of bias tape should be enough.
  • A zipper.  Again, the size depends on the size pouch you are making; it needs to be at least as long as you want the width of your pouch.
  • Some clips.  You can’t use pins because they will leave holes in your vinyl!  You can buy clips in the quilting section of the craft store, or use clothes pins or binder clips instead.
  • Basic sewing supplies

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