DIY Soft and Cozy Pet Sling FREE tutorial

Pet Sling

This soft and cozy pet sling is really easy to make! You can adjust the size according to your dog and your measurements. You can whip up a few in an afternoon. It’s like a snuggly for your pets. Together we can make pet wearing a new fad! But seriously, give it a try sometime for your furry friend. It is great for small pets you want to take out with you when it’s a little chilly and they can be all snuggly and spoiled like they should be, right!

Here’s what you need:

  1. Flannel or Quilting Weight Fabric for Outside
  2. Fleece or Minky for Lining
  3. Sewing Machine and Thread
  4. Straight Pins
  5. Ruler and Marking Pen

Happy sewing!

Check the FREE tutorial HERE

You may want to check this Piggie Pacifier Clip tutorial, too.



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Debbie Rogowski
Debbie Rogowski

she doesn’t say in the tutorial but I’m thinking maybe 18″ wide and 12″ deep for the pocket? For like the same size dog.


I have had cats for 40 years and they have all had their favourite comforts. One of my current cats does not like petting or sitting on my lap; she prefers to be held like a baby on my shoulder. That takes at least one hand but she prefers two so I cannot do much other than hold her. I have been looking for a sling-type arrangement and I think this might be it. It will also be useful if I have to evacuate with her and my other cat.