Double Beer or Wine Gift Bag FREE Sewing Tutorial

Wine Gift Bag

This bag sewing project is perfect for a beginner, and all you need to make it is some fabric! There are no complicated zippers to install, or even a button to sew on. Once completed, the bag will hold two wine or beer bottles, with a divider so they aren't banging into each other. It's a perfect idea for Father's Day, as a hostess gift, or any event where you'd like to give some spirits!

To make this bag, all you need is cotton fabric, cut in the following sizes:

  • Outside – 12 1/2 x 23 1/2″
  • Straps – 2 1/2 x 21″ (two)
  • Lining – 12 1/2 x 23 1/2″

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

Here's another idea on how to make an Easy Wine Bag. Check the FREE tutorial HERE.



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In the list of materials should it not be 12 1/2 ” x 23 1/2″ for outside fabric (not 12 1/3″ ) ?

Reply to  Judy

Hi Judy, you are correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

Sharon Shetley
Sharon Shetley

I tried several times to do the “EASY DOWNLOAD”..never was able to download. Do you not support Apple OS X? to bad…
I would like this pattern – would you be able to email it to me?
I hope in the future you make your downloads available to all systems.

Reply to  Sharon Shetley

Hi Sharon, it’s definitely available for Apple. That’s what I use. I don’t think this one actually has a pattern, just a link to a website with the full tutorial. Just click the blue box.