Double Welt Pocket with Flap by the Butterfly Method

Double Welt Pocket

Double Welt Pocket with Flap by the Butterfly Method

The double welt pocket with flap using the butterfly method is a really easy and contemporary technique to make a pocket and attach a flap at the same time.  

This new technique using the butterfly method works well on both thin or thick fabrics.  It can even be used on leather and suede as well as with thick wools and cashmere coats.

Tools and Materials for the Double Welt Pocket with Flap Tutorial

  • a scrap of fabric of 12″ x 16″
  • one rectangle of 8″ x 15″ (20cm x 38cm) for pocket bag
  • one rectangle that is at least 7″ x 7″ of fusible interfacing suitable for the thickness of the fabric you are using
  • thread
  • sewing ruler
  • tailor's chalk or erasable pen  

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