DYI Side split wrapped bodice dress – the tutorial

DYI Side split wrapped bodice dress

DYI Side split wrapped bodice dress

I am completely in love with the adorable color of this dress and its flowy fabric. It seems a perfect match to a hot Summer day but it can easily be worn at Spring time with a cardigan. This tutorial has been featured on A Pair and A Spare.

The first thing to do when making this dress is to start with a maxi skirt tutorial from the site. Create the split by only sewing the top 30cm (or so) of the long seam together. To make the bodice you will need around 2m of fabric – preferably silk, with a width of between 50cm and 1m. In this tutorial there is a crop top on but when you make yours you won't be wearing a top of any sort underneath.
Here goes! Follow the tutorial on A Pair and a Spare.

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