Easy Drawstring Bag FREE Sewing Tutorial

Drawstring Bag FREE Sewing Tutorial

Here's a very easy drawstring free sewing tutorial. The finished bag is 14″ deep and 11″ wide which makes a great sized storage bag for in-progress craft projects. But you can vary the size to whatever suits you. The length of the drawstring is up to you! The beauty of this pattern is that you can thread through as much drawstring as you like, and then trim it to size before you sew on the tab ends.

You will need:

  • 1 piece of outer fabric measuring 15″ by 23″
  • 1 piece of lining fabric measuring 15″ by 23″
  • 2 pieces of iron-on medium weight interfacing measuring 15″ by 23″.
  • 1 piece coordinating fabric measuring 3″ by 22″ for the drawstring casing
  • Fabric/ribbon/webbing of your choice to make drawstrings. If you want to make the drawstring with coordinating fabric you need 2 pieces of the same fabric measuring 2″ by at least 18″. If you are using ribbon or webbing, it needs to be no wider than 0.75″, and you can trim to length when you’ve made your bag.
  • 2 pieces of coordinating fabric measuring 2″ by 4″ for the drawstring tabs.
  • Coordinating polyester thread (only if you are making your own drawstrings)

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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