Easy Flat Bottom Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetics bag 1


When I came across this post about the Easy Sew Cosmetics Bag I couldn't stop laughing.  It's worth popping over to So Sew Easy just to read this funny article and apply to be an evil henchman in her plan for world domination!  Of course the bag is the cutest too!

The bag is simple, uses very little fabric (about 2/3rds of a fat quarter), has no fussy inside pockets (although you can add your own if you like), and takes me well less than 30 minutes to print the pattern, cut out and sew.  But quick and simple doesn’t mean it’s not awesome!  It’s the sort of bag that is versatile  enough to be used for lots of applications, not just cosmetics and toiletries.  Keep all your pens and pencils in order, use it for a small first aid kit for the car, keep it in your desk at work for a few headache pills and other personal supplies.

You can find the free pattern (and more about her evil plan) here !

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