How to create your own crossover top pattern

Fre crossover top pattern

Free crossover top pattern

With the help of this free crossover top pattern and tutorial you are  going to do something very interesting this month that will change one pattern into something completely different.

Why learn more about sewing patterns? Understanding how a pattern works, how it is created and can be manipulated is a really important skill for sewing your own clothes.

  • It helps you take a simple pattern and add your style to it.
  • It helps you understand sizing and see where you may need to make alterations.
  • It helps you when you need to alter a commercial pattern for fitting.
  • It can help you to create your own custom patterns.
  • You can create a pattern in your custom size for the perfect fit when you sew it again next time.
  • You can create a whole wardrobe of styles from just a handful of patterns.

Here you can find how to make your own crossover top and the free crossover pattern.

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