Free Hoodie Pattern and Tutorial

free hoodie This is the easiest free hoodie pattern and tutorial I could come up with. I have tried my best to simplify the method, but still, I believe it is for the intermediate to the advanced seamstress. As promised, we are going to slowly work our way into comfortable workout clothing. This is the first pattern on our “Sew Fit” storyboard.

Hoodies are super popular these days. They are very functional and can be worn not only as work-out wear but also on any trip to the store or just around the house.  Click here to see the free hoodie pattern and tutorial.

Click HERE for Tutorial

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Cindy Weeks
Cindy Weeks

I don’t know where to leave a post for the contest, so will add here. I love the swirly colors of the fabric. Would incorporate into a wall hanging!

Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price

I like your site, but I can never seem to find where to download the actual pattern. Too many ad choices and download buttons. Wanted the hoodie pattern, but couldn’t find the correct button.

Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price
Reply to  Mayra

Thank you. I have operator trouble (me). It really helps to read the whole page and follows instructions. Thanks again for the free patterns. It makes a difference for us who can’t just buy anything at anytime.