FREE Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Bubble Basket

How to Make a Bubble Basket

FREE Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Bubble Basket

These bubble baskets are perfect for storing a lot of different things but are particularly nice in the sewing room. The nice wide mouth makes seeing and getting to items simple and easy. These bubble baskets are not large but pack a powerful punch.

What you'll need:

You might want to check this Denim Fabric Basket FREE Sewing Tutorial HERE.

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OK, me again. Could you please go over your pattern so it is darker? I printed it twice and parts are still too light for me to go over it with a pen.

Thanks so much!


I think this bag is adorable, with many uses. Did you specify where to leave an opening in order to turn it right side out? I haven’t made many lined bags. (And I get confused easily!). Thanks.