FREE Sewing Tutorial: Miss Maggie’s Handbag

Miss Maggie's Handbag

Miss Maggie’s Handbag is a great starting point for any beginner to advanced bag maker. It starts out as a simple handbag that allows you to use several styles of our Emmaline Strap Anchors, and after you personalize it with your own style, it will become one of your favourite bags.

The instructions will show you how to make simple straps, an inside slip pocket, and insert purse feet. From there, if you would like to add: inside or outside zipper pockets, zipper openings, bag lock closures, accent fabrics, or any other fancy bag features, you can follow the free tutorials to make it exactly to suit your own personal style. So let this free pattern show you how “keeping it simple” can look stylish, professional, and classy.

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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2 Responses to FREE Sewing Tutorial: Miss Maggie’s Handbag

  1. Mushrafat Abdulrahman says:

    Oh! this bag is gorgeous. Thank you so much.

  2. Lynda says:

    I’m due for a new bag and this one is very versatile! Thank you!

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