FREE Tutorial: Three Ways to Make an Easy Tassel

Ways to Make an Easy Tassel

FREE Tutorial: Three Ways to Make an Easy Tassel

Here are three ways to make an easy tassel.  Tassels have been made and used for centuries from the times of ancient Rome until today as ornaments, embellishments, and decorations.  They were often viewed as symbols of power and prestige.  Today, they mainly just make things like our handbags and curtain holdbacks look better.  I learned a lot about the history of tassels which I'll write about in the future, but today I wanted to show you these simple techniques to make an easy tassel.

Materials for tassel #1:

  • Spool of embroidery thread or yarn of your taste
  • Cardboard twice the size of your tassel

Materials for Tassel #2:

Materials for tassel #3:

  • 24″ 3mm Faux Pearl Plastic Beads on a string
  • Leftover hessian threads cut in 12″ long strands
  • 1″styrofoam, recycled paper bead or a wooden bead with a large hole
  • One (1) egg shaped styrofoam bead
  • 4″ of thin elastic
  • braided sewing lace of your taste but no bigger wider than 5/8″


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