Hexagon Patchwork Bag FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Hexagon Patchwork Bag

To all the sewists who love to make bag projects, we have something special for you today! Make a unique hexagon patchwork bag with this free pattern and tutorial.

Materials needed: 

  • Fabric: approx. 110 x 50cm (43.3 x 19.7inches)
  • Ribbon patterned fabric: approx. 110 x 50cm (43.3 x 19.7inches)
  • Dotted fabric for handles: approx. 20 x 40cm (7.9 x 15.7inches)
  • Fusible Interlining: approx. 20 x 40cm (7.9 x 15.7 inches)
  • Thick fusible quilt batting: approx.110 x 40cm (43.3 x 15.7inches)
  • Other pieces of fabric: 6 types
  • Fabric for the yo-yo part: 2 types
  • Lining: approx. 110 x 40cm (43.4 x 19.7 inches)
  • A button: 2.5cm (1inch)
  • Ribbons and lace: 3 types
  • A brooch pin: 2.5cm (1inch)

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

Check out this Quilted Tote Bag HERE.



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your free pattern is not showing up

Hexagon Patchwork Bag FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial was there a clitch and can you repost it.

Reply to  annettemorrow

Hi, I’ve checked it and it seems to be fine. Please try again. Thanks and regards, Mayra


I am going to make this. I have just completed a quilted tote without a pattern. Now I shall learn how it should be done!