How to Make a Reversible Slip Over the Collar Dog Bandana

Dog Banda

Bandanas look so cute on dogs, but it’s often hard to find the right size for your pet and often fall off.  Not to mention they can be uncomfortable to your pet once they are tied and get bunched up around their neck.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a bandana to slip over your dog’s collar to prevent this from happening? Better yet, what if it were reversible so you can change up your pet’s look?  Well, it’s possible!

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

Take a look at this Pet Bed FREE Tutorial.


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[…] Also, you might want to learn how to make a reversible slip over the collar dog bandana. […]


This is a wonderful item to make for animal shelters and foster foundations. A perfect donation of kindness.

Dog lover
Dog lover

My dog loves his bandanas that his dog groomer gives him.
Thanks so much for the free pattern!!

As for Sharon Wilson’s comment. . THAT issue needs to be taken up with the airline companies CEO, not on here where people like me treat our pets like family.


What a fabulous idea and so simple to boot! Yea you.
Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Wilson
Sharon Wilson

As a trainer and owner of a registered ESA, they do not wear bandanas. That right is reserved for Service animals and Therapy animals. Because everyone thinks it’s cute to put bandanas on their pets, the people who need to take their animals with them traveling are unable to. Or, be put in overhead storage on United Airlines and perish do to lack of oxygen. This needs to be addressed. If you have an ESA Therapy, or Service animal, they have a registration number. Too many are passing their pets off and the people that have the right to have their animals are unable to exercise this distinction.

Reply to  Sharon Wilson

Sharon, ESA do not get registered. Only service animals trained for medically or physically challenged individuals. Most service animals are identified by a vest, not a bandana. ESA are not allowed in places that specify no pets. Please check your facts before venting on the designers of this lovely scarf.
Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I love it. I think most dogs love looking pretty in bandanas.