Jade Bag FREE Pattern and Tutorial

jade bag


Jade bag is a medium-sized bag with a recessed zipper closure. The interior sits neatly within the bag “no saggy lining“, it has a zipper pocket, slip pocket, ​and a pleated pocket, what more could a girl want?

You will learn how to sew a two-fabric strap and a professional zipper pocket with no zipper tape showing. This fast, easy pattern can be made with cotton, denim, decorator fabrics, cork or faux leather. Jade is perfect to showcase your designer prints, machine embroidery or weaving designs.

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

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18 Responses to Jade Bag FREE Pattern and Tutorial

  1. Maura says:

    Olá,sou sua fã,gosto muito de seus trabalhos!Seus tutoriais são de fácil compreensão.

  2. wendy kaye says:

    no longer a free pattern i just tried

  3. Shona says:

    Hi, love the bag. My only concern is ….. are you affiliated with Harris Tweed and authorised to use their label? They have recently won a court case against retailers using their label and I would hate you to come to their notice if you aren’t.
    Kind regards

    • Mayra says:

      Hi Shona, thanks for your comment on this. The pattern is from another designer. I really don’t know if they have any rights to use the Harris label. It looks like it may have come with the fabric. I don’t think this is integral to the design though so I probably wouldn’t use a label.

  4. Gail says:

    Love the looks of this bag. Thanks

  5. Mary says:

    Could this be a cross body bag?

  6. Sharon Shortland says:

    Thanks for sharing – this looks great.

  7. Isabelle says:

    Many Thanks I’m going to try….

  8. tonia l conner says:

    So going to make this, Have been saving vintage wool and now I kn ow what I’m going to do with it. I consider a blessing. Thank you so much

  9. Pauline Gibson says:

    Looks like a lovely bag

  10. Pauline says:

    Thankyou it looks like a lovely bag

  11. Heather says:

    What a great bag, it has everything and it’s FREE! Thank you so much from South Africa!

  12. louise says:

    You always have lovely designs that are practical. Thank you very much.

  13. norma says:

    Looks like a very versatile pattern. I hope to make a bunch of them. Thank you sooo much!

  14. Julie Smith says:

    I really love this design. Thanks so much for sharing.

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