How to do a Ladder Stitch or Invisible Stitch

How to do a Ladder Stitch or Invisible Stitch

The ladder stitch or invisible stitch is a perfect hand sewing stitches when mending holes in toys and sewing up the last little opening on newly sewn softies. It's even great for mending holes in clothing when you can’t sew from the inside of the garment. You’ll hardly be able to see this stitch from the outside of what you’re sewing, especially if you use a matching thread color. It’s just great!

Check the FREE tutorial HERE.

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I tried to use one of your video tutorials but it didn’t load. Do you have a you tube channel address as I did a search on you tube for ‘Sewing 4 Free’ but none of the videos that were offered seemed to be listed under the ‘Sewing 4 Free’ name.

Reply to  Kerrie

Hi Kerrie, the video for this tutorial is on another site. You should be able to view it from the article page. I just checked it and seems to be working fine. This site links to other sites with interesting and helpful free sewing projects so unfortunately, we don’t control all the sites we link to. You will find a lot of good sewing projects and videos on our Youtube page here:

Don’t forget to subscribe. Kind regards and happy sewing. Mayra