Lavender Llama Hot or Cold Plush FREE Sewing Tutorial

Hot or Cold Plush FREE Sewing Tutorial

Lavender Llama Hot or Cold Plush FREE Sewing Tutorial

These soft, plush animals are filled with rice and dried lavender that you can microwave for warm comfort in the winter or freeze for instant relaxation in the summer. And they smell so good! They are the perfect size to fit on your chest, abdomen or across your head or neck.

What you'll need:

  • 1/3 yard of Cuddle (minky) fabric or flannel (body)
  • 10″ square (approximately) of tan or gray wool (ears and legs)
  • small scrap of white wool (nose/mouth)
  • small scrap of black wool (eyes)
  • scraps of 100% cotton batting (ears and legs)
  • 2 – 2 1/2 cups of filler
  • 1/2 cup of dried lavender (optional, or you could use essential oil)
  • water-soluble fabric glue
  • black permanent marker or fabric pen

You might want to check this Hot-N-Cold Pack FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial.

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Minky is polyester, it should never go in a microwave polyester it’s dangerous for a fire.

Stephen Norton
Stephen Norton

Your e-mail said free sweet watermelon pattern – can’t find it! wanted to make it to cheer up a friend!


Hi I’ve been getting your newsletter for a while and really enjoy it. The most recent one featured a link to free grommet curtains. I’m a former drapery professional and the grommet curtains have a glaring error. They are made with an uneven number of grommets. Grommets should always be it even numbers so the end of the fabric returns to the wall. If you look at her picture you’ll see the end doesn’t match the front. I have no issue with free drapery tutorials, but the basics of it should be correct. This is like telling someone to sew pants together wrong. I hope you can alert your readers to this.

Ps I tried to email you about this but the validation link wouldn’t show and so I couldn’t send the email.

Thank you


Now this is adorable! Thank you and I will be making it! They are so soothing! Thank you for the free pattern <3