Learn How to Make Velcro Straps with this Easy Tutorial

How to make Velcro straps

Learn how to make the easiest Velcro straps. These Velcro straps are both reusable and durable, adjustable in length and super quick to make. You can use them as DIY ski straps, to bundle and securely carry your skis, or for any other home use: to keep cables tied up, to nicely bundle that hairdryer cable when travelling, or keep jumper cables neat in your car trunk.  Multipurpose!

The easiest Velcro straps you'll ever make! For next time when hardware and household shops are closed, or you forgot to buy them before shops run out of them.


  • metal rectangle rings (3/4 inch wide would be perfect)
  • 3/4 wide regular Velcro tape (sew-in version): 13″ of loop tape (33cm) and only 4″ of hook tape (10 cm)
  • thread, a needle, household scissors, measuring tape

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

Here's another FREE tutorial on how to make straps for your luggage.


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