Little Lark Sachet FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Lark Sachet FREE Sewing Pattern

Little Lark Sachet FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Little Lark Lavender Sachets are super easy to make and are perfect to whip up as a gift for someone or to keep for yourself.

What you'll need:

  • 4×6 inch felt for body
  • 2×3 inch fabric for the tummy
  • 2×3 inch felt for eye patch
  • Scraps of felt for beak, toes, bow and hair tuft
  • Pair of 6mm black safety eyes or pair of 7.5mm colored safety eyes
  • 7-inch length of crewel embroidery thread or narrow ribbon for hanging loop
  • Polyfil
  • Embroidery thread/floss
  • Dried lavender
  • Embroidery scissors, orange stick, toothpick, Fray Check
  • Disappearing ink pen or water-soluble pen

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I am unable, after several tries, to download the owl sachets

Anne Evans
Anne Evans

These are so cute.