Long Arm Oven Mitts pattern

Long Arm Oven Mitts pattern

These aren't your standard oven mitts (oven gloves if you are from the UK). I get fed up with burning my wrists on the upper shelf when I take things out of the oven, so these are drafted extra long in the arm to make sure your wrists and arms are protected too.


*Longer length to protect your wrists and arms
*Can be shortened for regular length too
*Insulating layer and batting for heat protection
*Full sewing instructions are downloaded with the pattern pieces

Never tried quilting before? Don't worry, this pattern makes it easy to get a good result because we'll quilt the layers before we cut our template so no need to worry about shifting and accuracy. It's a great project to start with, and at the end you have sewn something really useful!

Find the long arm oven mitts pattern here.

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