Make an Easy Serger Scrap Catcher to Stop Sewing Room Mess!

An easy serger scrap catcher will put an end to this nightmare!

My sewing area, which is on the way to the kitchen, is a terrifying sight almost every day.  It's only when I finish a project that I look around to find the embarrassing pile of scraps, paper, and thread all over the table and floor.  Sometimes I use a plastic bag or a cereal box, to catch the mess, but after a while, the bag or the box falls off the table because of the weight of the scraps and it's a mess all over again.   To be frank the plastic bag ends up being a sore site anyway and really brings down my sense of order in my humble workroom.  Since I know I am not the only one that happens to inflict this nightmare on their family members, I have decided to come up with an easy and hopefully elegant solution.

Materials List

  • 1/4 yard of fabric to match your furniture or taste.
  • 1/4 yard of contrasting fabric.  I am using a leftover scrap of linen.
  • stiff fusible interfacing.
  • batting: the thinnest you can buy (optional)
  • 2 yards of 1″ bias tape.  Follow this tutorial to make your own:  Making continuous bias binding tape
  • thread
  • sewing machine

Take a look at this Sewing Mat Organizer, too!

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