Microwavable pot holder tutorial

Microwavable pot holder pattern

Microwavable pot holder pattern

This microwavable pot holder pattern makes a great gift and it's such a handy item in the kitchen! Clever idea to make “pattern” for your own bowls and to cut out multiple potholders at once.

Find the microwavable pot holder pattern here.

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p baldwin
p baldwin

If you don’t want to give a free pattern that’s fine. Just don’t advertise that you do and then send people on a wild goose chase.

Reply to  p baldwin

Hi Frances, thanks for your feedback. This is a curation site so we only link to free patterns that designers have submitted. We don’t control each and every site that we link to and we link to thousands. When we get feedback from readers like you, we know to check the link or sometimes take it down. Our site would detect if the linked site was not working anymore and we’d take the link away automatically. In this case, the linked site looks to still be there but there is some problem with their hosting. If you’re looking for pot holders, you can check out this list: https://so-sew-easy.com/80-free-pot-holder-patterns-to-sew/