My Placemat Clutch Bag FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Placemat Clutch Bag

I am running the risk of sounding crazy by making a placemat clutch bag. I am using plastic placemats to make my clutch and it only took me two hours to make! (Making the pattern, however, was another story, because of the way the bag is made, but that's finished now for you to enjoy.)

If Grace Kelly were alive today she would surely frown upon my Frankenstein attempt. Her famous Kelly Bag takes 25 hours to make and has 2,600 handmade stitches.

So, it's safe to say that this bag is a far cry from the original one from which a gathered my inspiration, but the outcome looks pretty good in my opinion.

I am creating a bit of stress in order to break from the routine of always using cotton quilting fabrics for bags. Hopefully, in the process, I have inspired you to leave your comfort zone.

Ahhh… That sounds all good and fantastic. The truth is… I do not have any fabric!!!!! Sewing supplies or a machine. I have moved from an apartment to a house and now things are in the grey zone so to speak. No matter, I have found some material perfect for this Placemat Clutch Bag. This bag has two pockets inside, one for your phone and another for coins or a couple of credit cards.

Materials For Your Placemat Clutch Bag

You might want to check this Soft Clutch Bag from So Sew Easy.

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