Plush Sheep FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Plush Sheep FREE Sewing Pattern

Plush Sheep FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

This plush toy can also be used as a pillow or as a travel companion; the cuddly sheep is also ideal for use as a travel pillow in the car, train or plane. And if at some point wash day comes around for your sheep – no problem, it will soon dry on the line in the sun and be ready to cuddle again. 

What you'll need:

  • Teddy fabric: 35 cm (small sheep: 25 cm)
  • Denim remnants: yard goods or old jeans legs (the fabric should not be too thick and it is fine if it contains elastane.)
  • Fiberfill or filling flakes: 500 g (small sheep: 300 g)
  • Sewing thread in a matching color
  • 2 black buttons for the eyes (alternative for children under three years: black embroidery or woolen thread to embroider the eyes.)

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