Pressing Matters – why press seams as you sew?

Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters

You may have noticed that most sewing patterns include instructions along the way telling you to ‘Press’. It may be as simple as the word Press, or there may be further instruction – press seams open, press dart down, press to one side.

Sometimes there are a series of complicated construction steps involved in making a garment. Seams can be tricky to all press at the end so are better pressed in the order they are sewn. Often seams will meet or cross and if one seam isn’t correctly laid flat when it is over-sewn, it may be bulky or uncomfortable when worn or even cause puckering visible from the outside. And nothing shouts ‘home-made’ more than a garment that hasn’t been really well pressed during the sewing process.

Do you always press as you sew? Is it really necessary? Is there a ‘correct’ way to do it?

Let’s take a look here.


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