Quilted Ukulele Case FREE Sewing Tutorial

Ukulele Case Free sewing tutorial

Do you own a ukulele? Maybe it's time to make some awesome bag for it! This ukulele case is also a perfect gift for your family or loved ones who own one.

Since ukuleles come in four different sizes, there is no one size fits all approach to the pattern. Hopefully this method will allow you to make your own pattern and bag that fits your instrument perfectly. By the way, this method could also be used for other small instruments like mandolins.

Fabric and batting requirements, as well as zipper length, depends on the size of each instrument. Make the pattern first and then gather materials as suggested.

Here is a general guideline:

Exterior fabric yardage: 1 yard @ 45”
Lining fabric yardage: 1 yard @ 45”
Zipper: at least 30” long (can always be shortened)
Batting: 1 yard @ 45”
Bias tape: 3 yards, extra wide double fold 1/2”
Webbing: 1 yard

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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