Retro Pouch bag Tutorial

Retro bag tutorial

Retro bag Tutorial

This retro bag tutorial would be great for a cell phone. You would have room for a few extra items, should you have a smaller cell.

Change the fabric and you have a useful pouch suitable for a child or adult.

On the back there is a small zipper pocket for cards, money, ID, or all three! The clasp would be great for keys or attached to your purse.

It is easy to make, and there are an abundance of pictures to follow! You can also get an idea of my tutorial style.

Here's the Retro bag tutorial.

Pattern by Linda D.


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2 Responses to Retro Pouch bag Tutorial

  1. prodigy says:

    I was sent to this pattern by Sewing for Free, but the pattern is not free – ???
    Not that I think it is overpriced, but it is definitely false advertising.

    • Deby says:

      Apologies. At the time of listing this on the site, the pattern was certainly free, but of course designers may decide at a later date to change that, and yes it now looks like the pattern is $1.50.

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