Reusable Face Mask FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Face Mask FREE Sewing Pattern

Reusable Face Mask FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Make your own reusable face mask that is breathable, comfortable to wear and easy to sew with this simple face mask pattern! An adorable fabric face mask pattern made in the fabric you love!

What you'll need:

  • thin waterproof fabric for the outer layer (use an umbrella)
  • thin cotton fabric for the inner layer
  • lightweight interfacing for the inner layer
  • elastic
  • thin flexible wire
  • fabric scissors
  • craft scissors or pliers
  • quilting clips
  • sewing machine
  • pressing iron
  • serger (optional)
  • tool for pushing corners
  • for the filter – these air conditioning filters or these vacuum cleaners bags.
  • adhesive tape to apply to the top, bottom and sides of the mask.

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