Reusable Kitchen Roll FREE Sewing Tutorial

Reusable Kitchen Roll FREE Sewing Tutorial

Reusable Kitchen Roll FREE Sewing Tutorial

Help save the environment by cutting down on wastage. Here's an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper towels… the reusable kitchen roll! It's time to reduce waste and go for paperless towels.

What you'll need:

  • An old towel (or terry cloth)
  • Some cotton fabric, either new or from old clothes
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat (which I find best for cutting even squares, though you can do it with scissors)
  • kam-snap kit ( sharp hole tool and kam snap pliers)
  • ruler or quilting cutting square
  • sewing machine or a serger/overlocker.

Take a look at this DIY Zero Waste Kitchen Sponge, too!

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Nice idea but you’ll still have to launder them. That means using soap/detergent and water to wash them by hand (to save electricity). They could be line dried to eliminate the use of a gas or electric dryer. I’m not sure the water/soap/electricity/gas usage would validate the savings on not using paper towels, but for reducing waste it would make it a positive alternative.

Debbie Unelli
Debbie Unelli

I made a simplified version and keep them in a drawer. We’ve definitely reduced paper towel use by about 50%..and we really didn’t use many to start with!


I’ve replaced my paper towels with flannelette cut into approximately 30cm/12″ squares (or closest even division of fabric width), with edges serged. The flannelette sticks to itself when you roll it on the tube, so no snaps are required. The flannelette is really absorbent and great for wiping up messes.

Claudia W
Claudia W
Reply to  Karey

Karey, That’s a great idea! Thank you for sharing!!!