Robe Patterns Roundup: 25+ Comfy Designs, All FREE

Robe Patterns Roundup

Yikes, it's late autumn already and Christmas is Nearly HERE!

When I was growing up, I always got robes as gifts at Christmas.  For some reason, a robe seems like the perfect gift, at least to my mother.  I didn't always understand it when I was young, but now as a mum, it is perfectly logical.  A new robe is such a nice thing to get and it seems like something people often just don't by for themselves.

So I decided to make some robes as gifts this year.  Since we don't yet have a robe pattern in our own collection of free sewing patterns, I had a look around to see what other designs I could find around the internet.  As usual, I'd like to share my work with you in case you're looking for similar inspiration.

In this roundup, I've not only included traditional comfy bathrobes but also some more exotic designs like kimono robes.

Check the FREE Robe Roundup HERE

Here is another roundup of Christmas Table Runner that you'll surely love.


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Jo Hovey
Jo Hovey

I saw some folks were looking for plus size patterns. Just FYI, googly free plus size robe patterns and you will be SHOCKED how many hits you get. I just opened the first 10 and it will keep me busy for quite a while.

As for fabric. if you are lucky and live in a Amish or Mennonite community, there may be a factory outlet for fabric nearby that sells to them. One of them was in Shippensburg, PA. (I live in Southern MD so too far for me) but otherwise try Mood fabric, or google a factory outlet near you.

Thanks for the list, I just wish some of these fit me! 😀 But it did give me the motivation to go looking!