Sashiko Quilting Tutorial: How to Make a Japanese Embroidery Cushion

Sashiko Japanese Embroidery Cushion

Sashiko is a type of traditional Japanese embroidery. It started out as a way to strengthen cotton and linen fabrics, but these days, we enjoy its repetitive patterns for decoration. Once you get started, sashiko embroidery is a really calming and relaxing activity.


For the embroidered panel:

  • 55cm x 55cm (22″ x 22″) of dark natural fabric (eg. linen, hemp, organic cotton)
  • Contrasting embroidery thread and needle

To complete the pillow:

  • 55cm x 55cm (22″ x 22″) of fabric for the back of the cushion (I used a gingham check fabric for contrast)
  • 45cm (17.5″) Zipper

Check the FREE Tutorial HERE

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