Sewing 4 Free is changing its email newsletter

NewsletterIf you receive an email with this article, then you need to take action.

Until now, the Sewing 4 Free site has been using a daily email to let followers know about new articles on the site.  But are you finding that your inbox is just crammed these days?  We certainly are.

So we'd like to still tell you regularly about all of the great free sewing patterns, tips and tutorials we've added this week, but instead of doing it daily, we'll be sending it out weekly instead.  Less inbox overload :0   Phew.

If you are a current site subscriber, then your email address has automatically been moved over to the new system and the weekly email will start soon.   This coming Saturday.   But you'll still get your daily email as well, unless you remove your subscription to this site.

How to do that:

Save and open up the daily email you receive.  It looks like this with the heading ” New Post on Sewing 4 Free ”


Scroll all the way down to the very bottom.  See that grey area?  Check out where the arrow is pointing.  Here is the ‘unsubscribe'  option.  Click on this link to unsubscribe from the DAILY email so you only receive the weekly one.


Then you'll be all set and ready to receive your email update with all the new patterns and tips on Saturday morning.  If you have any questions about the process, click HERE TO EMAIL and we'll try to sort you out right away.

Thanks for your understanding and it's great to have you on the team.

photo credit: email marketing via photopin (license)
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