Sewing for teens – Audio book review

sewing for teens

An audio book is a perfect format to listen to this type of book. You can take part in the numerous activities in the book while listening to them. You can listen to audio books while on the school bus, running, or any other boring tasks.

This book is the perfect introduction to sewing! In the first 10 minutes you are provided a detailed guide on:

  • What thread is appropriate for different tasks (thread weights and colors)
  • What are the most effective cutting tools for a situation such as fabric scissors, embroidery scissors, cutting knives.
  • Fabric marking tools such as tailors chalk, fabric pins and pencils.
  • Tape measures and rulers
  • Iron and ironing boards to press and shape fabrics
  • Fabrics: For example for making a shirt, cotton would be used for comfort while silk and satin would be used for style.
  • Sewing spaces: how to organize your sewing materials, making a comfortable and effective sewing area.

Read more about this wonderful book here.

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