Sewing Machine Mat FREE Tutorial

Sewing Machine Mat FREE Tutorial

Sewing Machine Mat FREE Tutorial

Here's a sewing machine mat with pockets on one side to keep your scissors, rotary cutter or other sewing essentials in place.

What you'll need:

  • Fat Quarter
  • Gutermann thread colour 365 and 1223
  • Half meter of H640 fusible wadding
  • Iron-away marker pen
  • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors
  • Iron
  • Basic sewing supplies

You might want to check this Sewing Mat Organizer FREE Sewing Pattern.

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Joy Freeman
Joy Freeman

Usually if you refer to a quarter yard of fabric, it would mean cutting a quarter of a yard of fabric off the bolt, meaning a strip 9″ by 44″ (or whatever the fabric width is). A fat quarter is instead a half yard (18″) of fabric cut off of the bolt and then the longer length (usu. 44″) is cut in half, leaving you with a quarter of a yard of fabric measuring 18″ x 44″. Fat quarters are popular for small crafts and are sold pre-cut in most craft stores, often in bundles of coordinated fabric, and even in some department store craft departments that otherwise do not carry fabric. Hope this helps.

Gillian just bought myself a new machine a week before lockdown this is the first thing I made with it. It’s an easy pattern and I’m delighted with the result. I can also now open the cupboard door in the table without having to hold up the corner of the mat like I did with the previous one.

Eilea Princdeton
Eilea Princdeton

Interesting tutorial. Wanted to copy the pictures but was unable to as I wasn’t sure I could recall what it was supposed to look like from just the text. Then, of course, I came to the end and found I could download a pdf of the tutorial complete with pictures! Hallelujah. What is a fat quarter??