Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern -taking the guess work out of sewing

Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern

“Where is my…….?” That must be one question I ask myself at least 5 times a day.  I lose just about everything (much to the chagrin of my family..) and I have to admit that I am a messy worker.  I waste a lot of time looking for things I need; bobbins, needles, screwdrivers, tape measure, scissors, clips –you name it.  The tools are not really lost since they are certainly just somewhere, usually under something.  For everyone's sanity, I felt it was about time I change the way I do things.

I got the idea for a sewing mat organizer one morning after spending four hours the prior night looking for a regular presser foot for my sewing machine, only to find it at the bottom of my serger scrap catcher.  I found it mixed up with a collection of sewing machine needles, pins, and almost empty bobbins.

This Sewing Mat Organizer has one needle organizer, one small ruler (in centimeters and in inches), and two pockets (one will double as scrap catcher and the other can hold your tools).


  • 3/4 yards of quilted cotton fabric
  • 1/2″ yard of clear vinyl
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • Bias Tape


Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial HERE

Organize your Needles with this Sewing Machine Needle Organizer.

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