Small Sewing Projects: 10 gifts to sew with one yard of fabric

Small Sewing Projects

Being a regular sewer, I have noticed that I have a huge stash of fabrics that are less than one yard. This is basically leftover fabric, but the pieces are so beautiful and fabric often so expensive that I can hardly imagine throwing any away.  Also, Christmas is fast approaching and my gift list is still a long way from complete.  Perhaps I can solve two problems at the same time..

That's when I started thinking of pulling together a list of small sewing projects.  These would items which require around one yard of fabric or less.  If you're like me with a huge stash of such fabric scraps (I am sure you will be), I'm sure you've been waiting for just the right opportunity to use these special treasures.

The small sewing projects on this list are also relatively quick to complete and hopefully will not stretch your sewing skills too much.  There's so much to do already this time of year, and I'm sure that you, like me, would just like to make some nice simple gifts.

So here are a few interesting small sewing projects that will also make great gifts for friends and family of all ages.  What's even better is that all the patterns and instructions are FREE.

Check the FREE Sewing Projects HERE

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